Maurizio Maggiora Academy Foundation

The Maurizio Maggiora Academy (our unforgettable Founding Member) led by his son Federico, a member of our club, aims to: increase the specialized skills of young people working in nonprofit organizations; foster the interchange between for-profit, nonprofit and public administration through the sharing of experiences and project methodologies; boost the growth and development of integration between ideas, methods, for-profit initiatives and new social projects; and encourage the birth of new social activities and employment in the Third Sector.

Festive canteen for the poor

For 34 years our Club has supported a festive canteen for poor people in via Saccarelli in Turin, one of the many initiatives of the Vincentian Volunteer Groups. The canteen, which has a capacity of 150 covers (full lunch with table service) and an additional 120 takeaway meals, opened in 1986 and has been distributing hot meals to needy people on Sundays and holidays ever since. Once a year the Club meets, for conviviality, on the very premises of the canteen, allocating to this service the fee that would be due to the restaurant where we traditionally meet. And in the very canteen premises, and this is what is even more important, many Members of the club and their family members serve at the tables weekly. Now, due to covid the canteen is closed and the volunteers devote themselves to other Vincentian Volunteer activities.

Minors and Future

It is a non-profit organization of the Vincentian Volunteers created with the participation of members of our club. It follows and supports the activities of San Donato Nursery School and Nostra Signora della Salute Multipurpose Center and School for Children, with direct participation of members and fundraising through various events such as concerts, raffles, dinners. President is our former member Giuseppe Proto now a member of RC Milano and treasurer Riccardo Perinetto former member of Matteotti Rotary Club and former Rotaract governor.

Anorexia and Osteoporosis

Multi-year program supported by the district that informs schools about the dangers of anorexia and osteoporosis and holds a contest on the subject to promote proper nutrition and lifestyle. Clubs from districts 2031 and 2032 and many physicians from various clubs participate in this service. Our member Carlo Campagnoli is in charge.


On October 6, 2012, 4 boys with disabilities held the first training session of the Total Sport Soccer School in Turin. By the end of the season, the 4 boys have become 25 soccer players whose example, strength and determination inspire the name of the club we all know today: INSUPERABLES. Over the next 3 years the Genoa, Syracuse and Rome offices were inaugurated. One of the main goals of Insuperabili Onlus begins to take shape, to create a network of highly qualified Soccer Schools for children with disabilities that can in time create a true cultural movement. In 8 years, 17 Locations have been inaugurated, and 650 soccer players have worn the blue and white colors. Some members of the club, including Paolo Piano are active in its action.

Neuroland onlus

Created by our member Paola Peretta director of children's neurosurgery at St. Anna's Hospital, Marco Guglielminotti and Giorgina Negro, it aims to stay close to young patients and their families by complementing the work of health care personnel by offering new services and functions with the aim of making hospital life more livable. It also aims to encourage the purchase of new equipment and instruments to improve the quality of surgery.